Here Are Your 3 Leaf Removal Options:

Leaf Removal

without Hauling

2 man crew blows leaves to an area of your choice ie: woods, garden, or compost pile

Leaf Removal

with Hauling

2 man crew blows leaves to curb

We vacuum & haul away

Curbside Pick-Up

For the Do-It Yourselfer

You rake leaves to the curb

We vacuum & haul away

Why MowCow is your best choice:

Your services are billed to the minute

All of our leaf services are timed. This means you only pay for the time from start to finish (no rounding!)

High velocity walk behind blowers

We use the best walk behind blowers. Our two-man crews have many lawns to take care of, so no time to dilly dally.

The Leaf-inator is at your disposal

The in-house name for our massive vacuum truck. This beast’s industrial-sized vacuum can eat your leaves fast!

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