Protect your investment with a high-quality,
fully functional irrigation system.

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We professionally install & maintain irrigation systems.

Paired with a robust lawn care program, an irrigation system can turn your turf from poor to good to “holy cow!” We can create a money saving, grass investment irrigation system that makes your life way easier. Plus, we can maintain your system throughout the growing season.


+ Trained technicians
+ Efficient sprinkler zoning
+ Expert system design
+ Call us anytime about your system

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This is what our lawn mowing crews provide:

System Installation

Don’t have time to water your investment? That’s okay! MowCow provides high quality irrigation sprinkler systems.

System Repairs

Water pooling in your lawn? Kids tried to kick a field goal with the sprinkler head? We are highly trained and equipped for repairs.

For Big Lawns

Our specialists can map out efficent and effective irrigation systems for large properties.

Spring Opening

Our technicians will turn on water & pressurize system, adjust heads to spray in target areas, check for leaks and proper head operation, adjust controller to the spring seasonal schedule and if you have a moisture sensor, we’ll test it to make sure it’s working well.


An essential service to prevent lines from freezing and cracking. Technicians will shut off water to system, clear all lines with our high pressure air compressor, making sure no water is left and will shut down controller operation.

Save Water

Our wireless rain sensor saves money and water by measuring soil moisture and only turning system on when needed.

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